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Hamilton Multiple Birth Club is a non-profit organisation and support group run by and for parents of multiples from Hamilton and surrounding Waikato Regions.

We aim to be a parent-led support group for parents of multiples on their multiple journey.


What the club can provide:

  • Discounts

  • Coffee Mornings

  • Family and social get togethers

  • Equipment hire

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Facebook Group

  • Library

  • Support Network

  • 1 free box of nappies

  • Antenatal Evenings



Please note whilst we are a group parents that find joy in our multiple journey and we are passionate about helping others on this journey too. We are still a group of volunteers and all have our own multiples, jobs and lives.  We try to answer any queries or help out in any way as quickly as possible.  But keep in mind these are not paid positions and we do also need our own family time.

We are here to help parents and families as they navigate the parenting of raising multiples.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide parents who are expecting or who are already parents of multiples support and information. We will strive to provide you with information to make your life in the world of multiples a little bit easier.

Our Mission

Come and Join us Today.

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